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SeanPatrick.vo is a collaboration between two brothers who studied fashion. With their passion and creativity, they created products that are upscale and timeless. SeanPatrick.vo made noise in the Houston area and created a strong following on social media. They caught the eyes of many celebrities and are known for their trendsetting looks. Due to their creativity and style, MattressFirm partnered up with SeanPatrick.vo for an opportunity to have them design accessories for their annual national conference.

Growing up we constantly dealt with the problem of finding quality jewelry. They were either way too expensive or they only had one good item in the whole selection. We started to make bracelets as a hobby to have our personal touch of design into accessories. We want to create the best bracelet, rings, and necklaces that we couldn't find in the store. Sometimes the perfect Bracelets for you is not made yet but, with Seanpatrick.vo anything is possible. We are known for being able to work with any customer, and creating to their liking.

For custom inquire contact us with a detailed email on how you would like your personal bracelet created. We believe in everything we sell and if you're not happy with our products we are more than happy to send a full refund. Accessories are the key to your outfits. It is very rare you can get everything on one website. We are looking forward to being the key to finishing your outfits.