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Introducing SeanPatrick.vo's first bracelet collection. 



Just like it’s name and how it got inspired, this bracelet can accentuate any amount of outfits. Embellished with silver accents, onyx, matte, and Hand-set pavé beads to showcase its unique individuality and intricate design.

Gucci inspired

A modern style accessory suited for the discerning individual, this bracelet includes black onyx beads and gold accents complement green tiger eyes. This Gucci-inspired idea features an intricate cinnabar bead that brings about good feng shui along with a rose and snake charm pair.





A classic staple for elevating your look, this sleek bracelet features 24k gold plated stainless steel beads that have a brilliant shine.


This hematite bracelet is designed with a subtle but rebellious persona. The hematite gemstones are banded together alongside silver skulls and accents to achieve this unique shape and silhouette. Each part is symmetrically strung, bringing a more refined look to this sleek accessory.





A minimalist yet captivating style that inspires individuals to feel rejuvenated with good feng shui. A red carved cinnabar with a feather charm to finish off the look.